10:40 am Friday December 2nd…I’ve finally made it down to the studio this morning.  The plan:  Throw a set of Braille cups for a custom Etsy order due before Christmas, work on editing pictures for Etsy, Facebook and the old .com, maybe some database work this evening, sanding underglaze from Things I Shouldn’t Say pots, some cleaning…That should probably do it.

It will be good to get back into throwing again.  It has been about a month.  Between the day job, trying to get my database and Etsy shop up and running, oh…and I was sick for a week…I feel like I’m behind, perpetually.  Today I hope to regain a little footing against the onslaught.

Now…to get my hands dirty…

Braille Cup in Apple "Touch Me"

Touch Me, porcelain cup, © 2011 Jennifer Barbe, Fondle My Art




Pillar Coral

January is a great time to finish up or give up.  By this I mean all of those unfinished nagging projects that you have lying around.  For me, this is a struggle.  I mean, they are lying around for a reason, right?  Maybe you lost the interest, motivation, inspiration, money to spend on it, etc. to finish it.  OR maybe you are just being lazing (like me) and procrastinating 🙂  You know why your avoiding them…don’t you?  If not, you should really think about this.  If you really don’t want to do it…DON’T!  It won’t be any good anyway.

My list is pretty long, but I have been working through it since I moved last March (wow…has it been that long??)  Anywho…my list includes everything from artworks unfinished to chores undone and remodels stalled.  I am ticking each one off of my list in January.  (No resolutions…just action!)

Last week I finally finished an Etsy logo and banner for some anonymous person’s new upstart business (check it out here), but he had been waiting for months for that stuff.  It was a frustrated day spent sketching and fighting with Photoshop, but it is finished and it feels great to tick that one off the list.

I also got going on my newsletter (did you get one???  No, well you are missing out.  Sign UP!)  Not only did I get the January newsletter out in January, but have already started the February one….now we are cooking.

I’ve been crocheting a “fireplace topper” for the top of my radiator surround so I can set pots and artwork on it without damage from the heat.  The end is in sight and I am so very happy to have such a trivial thing almost done.

I’m out of fund-age for the big master bath remodel in the house, but the work is getting back on track.  Starting with the tracking of our pesky pipe leak.  (yep…one more thing that leaks in this house *sigh*  I will beat this one too!)

Things that I have crossed off the list and don’t regret:  finishing trays that I used in a demo back in December (why force it?), planting garlic in my new garden (have you seen the frost out there? kind of missed that one!), finishing a scarf I started months ago ( I was trying a new stitch -which worked out beautifully- just not in that yarn.)

Well, the list continues (and continues and continues…), but things are getting done and it feels great!

What is on your list that is dragging you down??  This January, finish up or give up!

Hot Pots

In December I had a small solo show of a series of cups I have been obsessing over.  The show was called Sip & Fondle and was held at The Owl Tree Gallery in historic Lenoir City.  The cups are still on display, although I do plan on picking them up soon and making them available on my Etsy shop.  Here is a sneak peak:

© Jennifer Barbe, Fondle My Art, Cup Trio, 2010

Stay tuned for more on these cups and more in my Etsy shop!

…than 1000 words.  Some pictures are priceless.  This one makes me daydream relentlessly about painting (and I’m not much of a painter)

from the Hubble Telescope

Another Artist

Penelope Thompson is an Australian artist that I just found.  She does a variety of work including indoor and outdoor installation, performance and interactive art.  She also does painting, photography and sculpture.  An artist after my own heart with the diversity of approach.   Hit her website here and check out her work.

My reason for picking her this week…


all images rights belong to artist

I fell in love with this picture of Raintrees from the Jeju Installation Art Festival (JIAF 2006) in Korea.

Such a wonderfully simple idea…and beautiful.

What I’m Reading…

Karen Walrond’s newsletter comes once a month and is a treat every time is surprises me in my inbox.   Check out her blog here.  Karen is a writer and photographer and always brings me back to earth with her timely newsletters and insightful blog.  One of my favorite projects documented on her site is Jenny Is Beautiful …you have to check it out.  I would post photos, but I would hate to infringe on her rights by reproducing any of her fabulous art here.  Karen’s positive message about beauty and individuality breaks my bad mood each time I visit her site.  Oh…and join her newsletter, she has started sending links to mixes she posts on 8tracks.com (a great website that streams personal mixes in live radio format).  Her mixes are some of my favorites and has introduce me to some new artists.  New favorite on the I-pod…Alana Davis  32 Flavors (check it out in Karen’s January mix).

What are you reading this week??

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